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Dryads, Faes, Humans, Au Naturel
You may be aware of the recent DA policy change limiting the number of deviations a founder/contributor is allowed to request to 10 (yes, ten!) per day. It is a true hassle for the group administrators and the input to a number of groups we are associated with are closed or seriously limited.

We all hope the policy in question is going to change soon and please help to support our case by visiting one of the following links and spreading the news among the community:………

Let us also encourage you to share all the pictures you believe fit well with the group's theme - please feel free to submit to the group the pieces of art you like and deem appropriate for also when you are not their authors. It is enough that you've just spotted them somewhere on DA and want to share.
Dear Friends,

With exploded-soda (the 999th member) and Nijn88 (the 1.000th member) (both featured below) our group has become bigger than 314,428 other groups here (but we are still smaller than 6,465 others...). We are in top 2% of the groups on DA!

I'm so much proud of it as NudeTrees has been started as and still is an invitation-only group.

I have never believed there may be so much people on DA who share my interest in photos (and non-photos) of attractive humans interacting with pictoresque trees.

Thank you so much to everyone who has chosen to join, and who submits or simply stops by here. Please be encouraged to continue.

All the best to all of you,  

The Founder

Mature Content

Autumn Leaves by artofdan70…

Mature Content

Autumn Splendor -Act 2 Scene 3 by frysoler…
... for this nice tribute


Please kindly read the text as they got in it right to the point the 'philosophy' of the group.

Thanks for your continuous support, all my members and watchers.
1000 watchers of the group - thank you so much.

There gonna be 1000 members soon, I hope.

Have a good start of the week, members, watchers and visitors:)

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